In addition to providing training in R, Python, and Data Science we can help Information Technology groups. In general we have a wealth of experience in Information Technology including areas such as systems integration, storage design and deployment, institutional analytics tools, and network performance. We also maintain key relationships with a number of expert service providers as it relates to the delivery of Amazon Web Services both at the department and enterprise levels. The bottom line is that if we can help you then we will though we can can also refer you to more specific service providers.

Departmental IT Review and Cloud Adoption Pathways

For Departmental Information Technology groups we can help identify cost savings opportunities by articulating the merits of adopting cloud based solutions offered by vendors such as Amazon and Google.  Pittard Consulting can also provide you with custom cloud-based infrastructure to accomplish even the most complicated workflows. You pay only for what you use which is a true convenience offered by “elastic computing”.  Data has gravity and the trend is to bring the computation. As data is increasingly being generated and maintained remotely it becomes difficult to reliably transfer back to a laboratory network especially if there is limited space. We can show you how to enable and streamline a computational workflow that scales to meet the needs of modern computationally-based researchers.

Moreover, we can create a skills migration path so your staff can develop the knowledge to work successfully with Amazon’s Infrastructure and Platform as a Service paradigms.  We can also provide training to explain wellDevOps concepts for the automatic provisioning of resources. In short we can help you understand the computational needs of the modern researcher thus improving your relationship with your clients.

Central IT Infrastructure Planning, Cloud Adoption, and MOOCs

For Central Information Technology groups we can help you identify appropriate frameworks for supporting MOOCs and on line education in general. This involves developing a total cost of ownership model for these solutions that also identifies human resources necessary to rapidly deploy high quality courseware. We can also help you understand the technical skill set necessary to support large scale solutions as you transition to cloud solutions.